Flute repairs

We not only repair incredible write-offs but also inconspicuous defects. A flute is a sensitive thing. Barely visible damage can result in a player’s dissatisfaction, without them even noticing the effects of wear and tear, such as mechanical abrasion, pressure on the felts and corks as well as deformation of the pads.

We can help

Our master flute making workshop has earned a good reputation for our repair services which are trusted by many satisfied flutists. You can be sure that your instrument is in good hands and our experience will help us to return it to optimal playing condition.

Here are two examples that show how reasonably priced our repair services are:

Partial overhaul: Cleaning – Making it playable

  • Cleaning
  • Replacing damaged felt pads
  • Checking the tuning cork
  • Checking the mechanical parts + making any small repairs where required
  • Cleaning the pads
  • Oiling the mechanism
  • Adjustment

From € 150.00 inc. VAT.

General overhaul: The complete solution

  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Refitting the tenons
  • Complete revision of the mechanism and elimination of any mechanical play.
  • Regulation and adjustment of springs, replacing where necessary.
  • Fitting new pads, felts and corks and tuning cork.
  • Oiling the mechanism
  • Adjustment
  • Case cleaning

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service for the time being because our workshop is working over capacity.