One-piece – Masterpiece

Besides its construction, the material used to make a flute greatly affects its sound.
The head joint is of utmost relevance because it determines 70% of a flute’s sound characteristics as well as its response and dynamic performance. We think that wood is the ideal material for a flute and therefore for head joints too. The woods we use include boxwood and grenadilla as well as mopane.

We’ve been successfully making wooden head joints for conventional flutes in our workshop since 1993. Our newest line is produced under the brand name Unique Flute by Andreas Helferich and Martin Wenner.

Our wooden head joints are crafted from carefully aged, high-grade wood and can be fitted to all types of conventional flutes. Our innovative “adaptor tube” system ensures their simple and safe fitting.

With a wall thickness of only 3mm (!), our head joints offer both a rapid and flexible response in all registers. The raised lip plate is carved out of the wood with no need for adhesives or (as in the case of metal head joints) soldering. This single-piece construction provides dynamic playing and the clearest of articulation. The wood provides a very distinctive range of sound qualities and colours.

Our wooden head joints are crafted from specially selected and carefully seasoned wood.The lip-plate is integrally carved out of the turned wood. They have a polished natural wood (unvarnished) finish.

Our Unique Flute wooden head joints are normally supplied with a silver, size 2 (19.72 mm) adaptor tube.

Adaptor tubes are available in the following sizes:

Size 02 19,56 mm
Size 01 19,60 mm
Size 00 19,64 mm
Size 1 19,68 mm
Size 2 19,72 mm (Standard)
Size 3 19,76 mm
Size 4 19,80 mm