Renaissance consort

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Normally a consort consists of three flutes in d’ and one bass flute in g, while the three d-flutes have different “roles”.The highest (superio) plays mainly the highest registers whereas the third flute plays the normal tenor register.
Therefore it is necessary to make these identically looking flutes in a different way and to tune all the instruments of the consort together.

We normally use plumwood for our Consort as this gives both an intensive and colourful sound. Maplewood makes the Consort sound softer, finer and more delicate. The Consort is modelled on original instruments at the Biblioteka della Accademia Filarmonica in Verona, northern Italy, where the only existing complete Renaissance Consort survives today.

Sound Sample

Jacotin: Si bon amour Mérie récompens


Psalm 9