J.J. Quantz

Grenadilla, 415 Hz, no tuning slide

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Grenadilla, 392 Hz, tuning slide

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Johann Joachim Quantz (1697–1773) was probably the best-known flute player of the 18th century. His fame is due not only to his compositions and his book “On playing the Flute”, (published 1752) but also to the fact that he was the flute teacher of Frederick the Great of Prussia from 1728. In 1739 Quantz began his own research into flute- making but it is still uncertain as to whether he made the flutes himself or was just involved in their final tuning. Quantz flutes are unsigned but show all the signs of having been built by the same maker. Of the eight complete flutes that survive, all from the collection of Frederick the Great, most have a tuning slide and a tuning cork in the head-joint, as well as two keys for E flat and D sharp. Quantz invented these two keys to perfect intonation.

Our reconstruction is made from grenadilla or ebony with a tuning slide, a screw-cork and two keys in a=415 Hz or a=392 Hz. Its wide bore makes its sound earthy. The upper register sounds clear and can be played easily, making it excellently suited to the music of Quantz, C. Ph. E. Bach, Benda, Fr. Bach and others.


Sound Sample

Quantz 415 Hz - Quantz: Caprice F-Major


Picture source left: from the ZDF-Production Friedrich – Alles oder nichts