G.A. Rottenburgh


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Additional middle-joint, No. 1-7, each

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Although there are several original Godfridus Adrianus Rottenburgh (Brussels, mid 18th century) flutes still surviving today, the one that is most often copied is owned by Barthold Kuijken, who has used it for many concerts and recordings. The original flute is made of boxwood which has been stained and treated with violin varnish. It has seven middle joints and is equipped with a screw-cork and foot register which can be pulled out to fit the middle joints. The flute plays very well with middle joint No. 5 at a=415 Hz, making it possible to reproduce the original without any alterations. Its round embouchure and very balanced character make the Rottenburgh a universally employable flute which can span the complete range of Baroque flute music in very sensitive style.

We construct the Rottenburgh in European boxwood, with a foot register and screw-cork, just like the original. The surface is finished with violin varnish, enhancing the quality of sound. The pitch is a=415 Hz.


Sound Sample

G.A. Rottenburgh 415 Hz - Stamitz: Rondeau

G.A. Rottenburgh 415 Hz - Weideman: Adagio from Sonata II