Restoration work

However difficult the restoration work, it is safe in our hands! In contrast to repairs, the emphasis here lies on preserving the original. Our workshop team has restored original instruments by Th. Boehm, L. Lot, C.Godefroy, Th. Stanesby, E. Terton, J. Denner, J.J. Quantz and other famous and not so famous flute makers for many international museums, private collectors and musicians.

If you are interested in our restoration work, you can view a summary of the Restoration report about a very rare ivory Alto recorder by the Dutch flute maker, Engelbert Terton.

1. Recorder and its old leather case prior to restoration

2. Broken windway

3. Numerous cracks and dirt on the under-side of the labium

4. Broken tenon: a previous attempt to bring the recorder back into playing condition

5. Same position from inside: numerous cracks caused by the brass tube

6. Splintered foot joint profile with some missing fragments

7. During the restoration: The beak after re-fitting the broken windway. The rough file marks from an earlier repair can be easily recognised.

8. Matching ivory is fitted over the beak

9. Damaged surface of the beak is milled and stabilised with a epoxy resin coated nylon thread.

10. Jigsaw puzzle: the fragments are replaced with bamboo instead of brass pins.

11. ... missing ivory fragments are added...

12. ... pinholes are covered over with ivory

13. The substitute tenon before...

14. ... and after re-fitting

15. The restored Engelbert Terton Alto recorder.