Th. Stanesby Junior

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Grenadilla 1575,63 € 1875,– €
Boxwood 1575,63 € 1875,– €
Grenadilla, decorative silver rings 1777,31 € 2115,– €

Thomas Stanesby (1692–1754) was not just famous for his recorders. The original, made around 1730, is kept in a private collection in Frankfurt. We chose this orginal for our reproduction because it still plays wonderfully at a pitch of just under a=415 Hz.

We normally make this flute in granadilla, boxwood or on special request cocoswood. Its open sound makes it the ideal instrument for playing music by G. F. Handel or other English composers. Pitch is a= 415 Hz

Sound Sample

Stanesby 415 Hz - Robert King: Ouverture a-minor