M. Wenner Piccolo

Piccolo einklappig Piccolo mehrklappig
exc. VAT inc. VAT
Single-keyed 1352,94 € 1610,– €
Four-keyed with long F lever 2004,20 € 2385,– €
Additional charge for tuning slide 210,08 € 250,– €

Despite much painstaking effort, we were unable to find an original piccolo that would be suitable as a model for a well functioning instrument tuned at today’s common pitches; a=430Hz to a=415 Hz. For this reason, the piccolo we build is a unique three-piece model, although it corresponds to the preserved original as far as construction principles are concerned. The fact that our piccolo has made its way into many prominent orchestras fills us with pride.

We make the piccolo using either European boxwood or grenadilla with a screw-cork. We supply the instrument at pitches of a=415 Hz or a=430 Hz. At a=392, the Piccolo is designed liked a small Hotteterre flute. The Piccolo is also available in a four-keyed version with additional long F lever and can have extra tuning slide.

Sound Sample

Piccolo 392 Hz - Hotteterre: Pourquoy Doux Rossignols
Piccolo 415 Hz - Couperin: Air du Rossignol, Double
Piccolo 430 Hz - Rimsky-Korsakow: Scheherezade, Orchestral part