J.W. Oberlender

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Boxwood without decorative rings 1457,98 € 1735,– €
Decorated version, grenadilla 2100,84 € 2500,– €
Decorated version with white rings, boxwood 2100,84 € 2500,– €
Decorated version with black rings, boxwood 2100,84 € 2500,– €

Johann Wilhelm Oberlender lived and worked between 1681 and 1745 in Nuremburg. Just like J. Denner, he was one of the most famous German flute makers of this period. Proof of which are the number of flutes that still survive today. One particular, fine and unique example is to be found at the Museo Civico in Modena. This boxwood instrument is nicely decorated with baroque-style horn rings and engraved silver rings. Unfortunately the original is not playable, however the position of the finger holes and embouchure as well as the length tells us that it played at a pitch of a=415 Hz, which was very rare for German flutes of that time. The Oberlender flute is an ideal instrument for playing German flute music composed around 1730.

We make this flute model either in boxwood or ebony with decorative imitation ivory or horn rings. The Oberlender flute is also available without any decoration. The pitch is a=415 Hz.

Sound Sample

Oberlender 415 Hz - Telemann: Andante from "5. Methodische Sonate"
Oberlender 415 Hz - Telemann: Allegro from "5. Methodische Sonate"