J. Hotteterre

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Boxwood 1626,05 € 1935,– €
Grenadilla 1626,05 € 1935,– €

The design of this three-joint, single-keyed instrument is attributed to the Hotteterre family, who were famous for their development of instruments and their playing techniques in the mid 17th century. Its deep-toned and warm sound is ideal for early French Baroque repertoire.

Our flute is based on an original from the Steiermärkischen Landesmuseum in Graz, Austria, made by Jean Hotteterre. The original is made from ebony and survives in such marvellous condition that it still plays wonderfully. We chose this original instrument because the sound is better balanced than many other surviving three-joint flutes. We make our “Hotteterre Flute” in ebony or grenadilla. These dark woods have a rich, resonant and powerful sound. On request we can also make this flute in stained boxwood and the sound is then finer and brighter. The pitch of our flute is a=392 Hz.

Sound Sample

Hotteterre 392 Hz - Hotteterre: Allemande from Suite No. 3