Buffardin Le Fils

Buffardin Buchsbaum Natur Freisteller Buffardin Buchsbaum gebeizt Freisteller Buffardin Grenadill Freisteller
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Natural boxwood 1575,63 € 1875,– €
Stained boxwood 1575,63 € 1875,– €
Grenadilla 1575,63 € 1875,– €

Pierre Gabriel Buffardin (ca. 1690–1768) was one of the most famous flutists of his time and a pioneer of the transverse flute in Germany. From 1715 to 1749, he was the first flutist of the Dresden Hofkapelle, one of the best and most famous orchestras of the time. Buffardin was a colleague of Pisendel, Veracini, Weiss and also Quantz, who he taught. Although it is documented that Buffardin was engaged in flute-making, none of his instruments has survived. It is all the more astonishing that in 2015 this flute with the signature ‘BUFFARDIN LE FILS’ appeared. The flute shows a high level of craftsmanship and represents a symbiosis of French and German flute-making. It is characterised by a robust and warm sound, which is enormously carrying. It is excellently suited for the interpretation of High Baroque flute music and is extremely versatile.

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We make this flute in boxwood (natural or slightly stained) or in grenadilla wood at a=415 Hz.