A. Grenser

Grenser Freisteller einklappig Grenser Freisteller mehrklappig Grenser Freisteller Buchsbaum
exc. VAT inc. VAT
Single-keyed 1575,63 € 1875,– €
Six-keyed (D-foot) 2789,92€ 3320,– €
Eight-keyed (C-foot) 3319,33 € 3950,– €
Special natural boxwood version on request on request
Additional middle-joint (a=440 or 415 Hz):
– without keys 344,54 € 410,– €
– with B- and C- Keys 516,81 € 615,– €
Additional C-Foot 1180,67 € 1405,– €

Our classic flute is modelled on a flute by August Grenser who was a famous flute-maker from Dresden. Constructed around 1790, the original can be found in a private collection in the north of Germany. It is made of ebony and has four interchangeable joints playing at the pitches of a=440 Hz to a=420 Hz. In addition, the original has a C foot joint and a D foot joint with a register.

We make several different versions of these flutes. We often build the single-keyed version as an instrument at the pitch of a=440 Hz or a=430 Hz; the more-keyed versions are almost exclusively built at the pitch a=430 Hz. We are very often asked for the full eight-keyed version with keys for D sharp, F, G sharp, B, long F, long C, and a C foot (C, C sharp). With these additional keys, the weak-sounding semitones, which otherwise have to be played crossfingered, can be played with a similar strength to the “normal”notes. Yet the other usual cross-fingered notes can also be played on this flute. The tonal character is brighter and richer in overtones compared to the baroque flute.

Sound Sample

Grenser 430 Hz - Mozart: Duett "Bei Männern welche Liebe fühlen"