Th. Stanesby Alto, F

Stanesby Blockflöte Buchsbaum gebeizt Freisteller Stanesby Blockflöte Buchsbaum Freisteller
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Maracaibo boxwood 1264,71 € 1505,- €
Stained European boxwood 1546,22 € 1840,– €
Natural European boxwood 1546,22 € 1840,– €
Grenadilla 1546,22 € 1840,– €

Thomas Stanesby, “Junior”, (1692 – 1754) worked in London and achieved great fame and standing in his day through the manufacturing of the finest woodwind instruments. Many of his instruments are preserved in museums and private collections all over the world. An excellently preserved and wonderfully playable recorder is privately owned in Switzerland. It was manufactured out of boxwood around the year 1720.

We construct these recorders in European boxwood, just like the original, or also in Maracaibo boxwood. Both wood types combine a free sound and a high blowing resistance. Like the original, the wood is finished with violin varnish. Our copy is deep-toned and has warm soft and supple high tones. The pitch is a=415 Hz.

Sound Sample

Stanesby Alto 415 Hz - Pepusch: Adagio from Sonate 5