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Some of our instruments have to be ordered and there can sometimes be a long waiting list. Therefore here we have listed some very special and unique items that you can buy immediately.
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Soprano, C, after Engelbert Terton, Olive wood

This soprano recorder in C is made from superior quality Italian olive wood with a beautiful grain. It is a three-piece construction and plays at a=415 Hz.
It is supplied in a handmade soft, cotton case together with a cleaning rod.

exc. VAT

1231,09 €

inc. VAT
1465,00 €


Traverso after G.A. Rottenburgh, Brussels circa 1750

This splendid traverso is based on an original instrument owned by Barthold Kuijken. It is constructed in European boxwood which has been stained and treated with violin varnish. Its round embouchure makes it very comfortable to play and its very balanced character make the Rottenburgh flute perfect for all types of Baroque flute music. The flute has two middle joints (corps de rechange) one at a=415 Hz and the other at a pitch of a=440 Hz. It is equipped with a screw-cork and a register foot.
This instrument is supplied in a soft, cotton case with four compartments which was handmade in Germany, together with a cleaning rod.

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1844,54 €

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2195,00 €


Alto recorder, F, after P.Bressan, a=415 Hz

This alto recorder in F is based on an original instrument by Pierre Jaillard Bressan (1663 – 1731) with historical fingering (Hotteterre). The G and A finger holes were bored just like the original. It is made from exquisite and coveted flamed European boxwood with decorative rings made of imitation ivory. It also has a thumbhole bushing.

The instrument is supplied in an elegant cotton case made by hand in Germany.

exc. VAT

1731,10 €

inc. VAT
2060,00 €